Workplace Injuries


When most of us think of workplace injuries we think of the construction, industrial or manufacturing workers and we forget about the office worker.  Although office workers rarely suffer from injuries and accidents that are as visible as those of their counterparts in the construction, industrial and manufacturing sector, they still suffer injuries and deal with pain and suffering. 


Computers put office workers at risk of suffering from several different injuries – eyestrain, headache, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries can cause permanent damage and symptoms should not be ignored.  It is important to have your computer and it’s components at the correct level to minimize the chances of being injured.  Your workspace should have an ergonomic study to ensure that you working with your equipment in the correct positions so that injuries and pain are minimized.  Periodic breaks are also necessary to avoid many of these injuries. At lunch time you should take some time away from your desk and take a walk.  Headaches are another cause of pain for office workers.  Stress and tension is likely the cause and you should take precautions to minimize the stress and tension in your workplace.  If your headaches continue you should consult your doctor.


Office workers are not immune to workplace injuries.  The most prevalent injuries result from the use of computers and can be minimized with the proper workstation planning.

Workplace Injuries

Threads Of Life is a charity to support people who have been severely impacted by workplace injuries and families of those who were killed by workplace injuries. 

Top Workplace Injuries

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