What are some strengthening exercises for achilles tendonitis?

I just am starting to recover from achilles tendonitis and wanted to know some strengthening exercises to keep it from coming back. Thanks

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What can I do for chronic tendonitis in my wrists?

I developed tendonitis in both wrists working as a teamster in a warehouse last summer. Most of the time it’s fine, but I work in an office and the typing sometimes upsets it. I also ride my bicycle everywhere rather than driving, and I get pain shooting down my wrists when I ride. I have custom splints but they are too stiff to wear when typing or riding. I prefer not to take ibuprofin or other painkillers any more often than is absolutely necessary.

I plan to see my doctor about this sometime in the next couple of months, but if anyone has any short-term solutions or suggestions, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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Tendonitis in the Wrist

Can tendonitis in the wrist be caused by having broken a bone?

I had a really bad fracture in my wrist a couple years ago…can that cause tendonitis?

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Coritsone Shots – Heal or Pain Relief

Will a cortisone shot (for tennis elbow) actually increase healing or simply provide temporary pain relief?

Been struggling with tennis elbow for 7 weeks. I haven’t touched a racquet in 6 weeks and stopped lifting weights 4 weeks ago. Started taking Aleve twice a day 5 days ago and plan to continue that for total of 14 days then see MD if no better. I was icing it 1-2 times a day for about 2 weeks but stopped after no improvement felt. Any thoughts?

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Elbow Tendonitis Healing Time

Has some one experienced elbow tendonitis during pregnancy? If yes how long does it take to be normal?

I never really thought this type of situation would occur when pregnant, but I did.

My wife just got pregnant and also elbow tendonitis during the same time. It just kept getting worse to such a extent that she cant move or fold her elbow. Has some one experienced such a condition?
My wife just got pregnant and also elbow tendonitis during the same time. It just kept getting worse to such a extent that she cant move or fold her elbow. so much she cant do her daily tasks. And this has been happening since last 5-6 days 24 hours. Has some one experienced such a condition?

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I’ve just been diagnosed with tendonitis. How can I keep my arm strong while I heal?

I played a little too much tennis and developed tendonitis in my right wrist. The doctor has put me in a rmovable brace to immobilize the area for a wew week, at which time I’ll get physical therapy. However, having my wrist immobilized for a such a long timewill deteriorate the muscle. I’m wondering how I can keep my arm fit without worsening the tendonitis.

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How to give an Injection for Tennis Elbow

Texas Tech Sports Medicine videos from the Texas Tech MedCast: Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Injections. Correct procedures for giving injections for lateral epicondylitis to treat pain for tennis elbow. For more information, see www.ttuhsc.edu

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