Wrist Extensor Taping For Tennis Elbow

Here is a very helpful taping technique that can help alleviate tennis elbow problems that are not very severe.

Mulligan Concept instructors Rick Crowell and Julie Paolino guide clinicians through one of several therapeutic taping techniques for tennis elbow. Physiotherapist Brian Mulligan is the originator of The Mulligan Concept, an internationally practiced and prescribed regimen of manual therapy and home exercise. For more detailed information regarding indications and contraindications for implementing and prescribing this technique, please reference Brian’s textbook (Manual Therapy: NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS, etc.) or attend a Mulligan Concept continuing education seminar. Enjoy the clip, it is one of 30 available on RxDVD, a Northeast Seminars (NES) publication.

22 thoughts on “Wrist Extensor Taping For Tennis Elbow”

  1. my mum has a tennis elbow do you no any other treatments she could try to get rid of it ???? it would be very useful

  2. Tennis elbow is the result of tennis being in a dark age. This age is based on not being enlightened and not recreating tennis as an ambidextrous exercise. Your perscription is based on sports medicine, but not mind / body medicine.

  3. i think that wont stop or make any alteration on the circulation coz the tape is not fully wrapped on the elbow..

    tanx for this video..

  4. If you apply accupuncture and the pain goes away, fine. Do it. However, Mulligan has various manual mobilization techniques along with taping that help change the mechanics involved with the pain. I had a tennis elbow, I mobilized the elbow joints; pain went away; therefore, exposing a mechanical problem. It’s better to allow for proper mechanical function then just alter the pain sensation when able.

  5. Tape? lol get the TrPs out first, check out the supinator and bicep, flexors/ext for restriction, TE is just a blanket statement.

  6. Tennis elbow is a terrible thing to deal with, as many sports-related injuries are. I’ve heard that once you are beyond a certain point in an injury, normal pain relievers are not effective. Aren’t iontophoresis with dexamethasone pills supposed to be more helpful?

  7. I hurt it last week, I guess because of wrestling practice. I have been landing on my left elbow, and a couple days ago we were practicing slams…so I guess that’s what made my elbow


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