4 thoughts on “Graston Technique For Achilles Tendonitis”

  1. I just had surgery on Friday for this condition. By all means speak to a podiatrist and do everything you can to avoid surgery but I am glad I had mine repaired. It is very painful. I am not allowed to walk on the foot at all for 3 months and am expected to wear a special boot for 3 months after. The key is to follow all doctors orders to the letter. If they say to stay off of it then stay off it. Lots of ice and physical therapy was very helpful. If you can’t stay off of it then have your doctor put in a cast so you can’t walk on it. I am serious about staying off of it. This is a debilitating injury and I will have a disability for the rest of my life because of it.

  2. never heard of it…

    i know that staying off of it can help a lot…. but you have to be careful with massage, injections and so on since it can so easily rupture…

    so im not sure about this technique but good fortune.. i had inflammed achillies tendon in both my ankles before and man it was sooooo painful so i feel for ya!

  3. I have been getting Graston treatment on my achillies tendonitis for the past 6 months. I play a lot of Racquetball & Volleyball and the tendonitis was really starting to bother me. After the first treatment I could tell a huge difference, and after 3 I was pain free. I have gone back several times for “maintenance” treatment but I am thrilled with the results and would recommend it to anyone suffering from this to have a consultation immediately. It has allowed me to continue playing when I thought my playing days might be numbered.

  4. I had suffered from chronic Achilles tendonitis for more than 8 years. I had a large “knot” of scar tissue and inflammation on my right achillies tendon which never improved despite repeated physical therapy sessions. In addition, I was in a non-weight bearing cast following the surgical repair of a foot fracture on the same foot. After 11 long weeks of staying completely off this foot for the fracture repair, I was dismayed to realize it had not repaired or improved the condition on my tendon at all. In consulting my surgeon, he mentioned the possibility of surgical repair, I was not ready for that solution. During an episode of sciatica treated by my chiropractor, he noticed that I was limping and inquired about why. He immediately informed me about the Graston technique and suggested that I would benefit from the treatment. I am now virtually pain free and for the first time have experienced a reduction in the amount of inflammation and scar tissue present on my achillies tendon. Before considering any other treatments, give the Graston technique a try. I am very satisfied with the results.

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