Patient Education Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Repair Patient ED @ 617-379-1582 INFO Your doctor has recommended that you undergo hand surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. But what exactly is carpal tunnel syndrome? The median nerve, which carries sensation to the thumb and first three fingers, passes through a natural passageway in the wrist. This opening – called the carpal tunnel is formed by arch-shaped wrist bones and a connecting ligament. Various conditions, such as pregnancy, injury, arthritis and changes in the tendons caused by repetitive motion can crowd the already narrow tunnel, putting pressure on the nerve. This added pressure can cause a tingling sensation in the fingers and the thumb and may even lead to numbness, pain and restricted movement. This combination of symptoms is called the carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Tennis Elbow

Wnat to make that tennis elbow pain go away. Here are a few examples of the treatment options.

Brief description of tennis elbow and how it is treated.

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Exercises for tendonitis of the knee

I run the mile for track. I found out I have patella tendonitis. I would like to know if there are any good remedies or exercises that I can do to help my knee loosen up and not hurt so much, basically, for it to be flexible without any pain. Do you know any?

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What are some remedies for tennis elbow

I have tennis elbow, I got it from doing shot put since then I quit track, but I am still bodybuilding, and during arm workouts my elbow gives me a lot of pain. I have been icing it but it seems to be getting worse!
What should I do? Go to the doctor?
I can’t stop lifting cause I’m just coming off of a thumb injury that kept me out for 8 weeks!!!

plz help

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How can I show what tendonitis is using household items?

For my health project we have an injury and we have to demonstrate what the bones and muscles and stuff would look like if that happened. Well I have tendonitis and I have no clue how to show what it is can anyone help?

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is one of the best visual depictions of carpal tunnel syndrome I have seen anywhere. It really shows you where and how you may be making your wrist hurt.

Carpal tunnel anatomy, causes of dysfunction and holistic remedies.

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Does this indicate tennis elbow?

When I served during my last match, I felt a pain in my elbow section. just below the shoulders up to the elbow. Is this the tennis elbow? How did I got it? and how can i get rid of it?
Ok, so sorry for m wrong info.. it’s not my elbow that hurts.. it’s my triceps? hmm I dunno much about anatomy, but it’s the muscle between my elbow and shoulders, the muscle below the shoulder.

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Exercises for tendonitis and carpal tunnel

Here is a demonstration of several exercises to help avoid carpal tunnel and tendonitis. a couple of exercises to prevent injuries such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome

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How to relieve pain from tendonitis in the elbows?

My hubby has really bad pain from tendonitis in his elbow. He takes Advil and puts a arm brace on it. But he is in so much pain and can’t get it relieve at all. Anyone have any suggestions or tips on what to do? Do you know if he is supposed to use hot / or cold?
I know you are supposed to rest it and let it heal, but with his work, he cannot take that time off. He has to work, and he uses it a lot at work. HELP!!! How long til it’ll go away?

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Carpal Tunnel Release for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel surgery, as performed through a less-than 2cm incision, is demonstrated by John D. Mahoney, MD. This procdure is to relieve pressure on the median nerve, which occurs as a part of carpal tunnel syndrome. More information is available at This procedure was performed under tourniquet control, which is why there is not any bleeding.

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