Tendonitis Video Dr Allan Mishra

This is a video about Tendonitis Treatment Options by Dr. Allan Mishra. Non-operative, operative and emerging biologic treatment options such as platelet rich plasma will be discussed.

Tennis Elbow Exercises & Treatment How To Cure Tennis Elbow Completely

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Tendonitis can be the progressive inflammation, and the most painful

Tendonitis takes long to show up and it is the answer of the body to a fixed pattern of movements which affect the tendon. Up to now, classical electrotherapy had serious problems to treat them. Watch now what technology has provided a therapeutical improvement in the treatment of tendonitis.

What is the difference between tendonitis and carpal tunnel?

Our family physician just gave my husband splints and told him to take some aleve for his hand problems. His hands and fingers hurt, more so at night, and nothing seems to be helping. We are just trying to figure out what it could be before we see a specialist. What are the major differences between tendonitis and carpal tunnel? Any info. would be helpful!!!