Preventing Carpal Tunnel

One of the most prevalent of repetitive injuries results in carpal tunnel syndrome as many repetitive motion disorders come from long standing hours sitting working on a computer terminal.  For this reason yoga can be used to stretch the muscles and help prevent and relieve carpal tunnel.

Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Yoga exercises have been effective in relieving the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). To know how yoga is beneficial for CTS patients, read on.

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is a painful condition that occurs when the median nerve is subjected to undue pressure. As a result, the person experiences pain, weakness and a tingling sensation in the hands and wrists. The median nerve controls the movement and sensation of the hand. Compression of the median nerve causes a numbness in the index fingers, the thumbs and the middle fingers. People who work for long hours on computers, are susceptible to this condition. Repetitive movements of the hand such as typing, causes the carpal tunnel syndrome.

A recent study revealed that yoga exercises, if performed regularly, can help improve the condition of people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Yoga postures that open and stretch the joints of the upper body, can provide great relief to CTS sufferers. A regular yoga practice can definitely strengthen the joints and may even prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, while following a yoga regimen, it is essential to avoid those postures that put excessive pressure on the wrists.

Although drugs and surgery can be used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, a simple yoga program was found better at relieving pain. The ancient system of yoga provides a number of exercises to ease the pain and tension of CTS patients. Yoga exercises can significantly improve the strength of the hands and reduce chronic pain. The grip strength improves with postures that are designed for joints located in the upper body.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive stress disorder that can be easily prevented. Here are some yoga exercises that can alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Forearm Wrist Twist: This exercise begins by placing the right arm against a wall. Make sure that your fingers are spread equally. Extend your elbow and press the palm completely against the wall. Wait for a few breaths and then move your head towards the left. Hold for a minute.

Extended Full Body Stretch: Take both the arms with palms facing down, to the sides and raise them till shoulder level. Extend your fingers. While exhaling, rotate the shoulders in such a way that the palms face up. On the next exhale, bring both the arms overhead. Make sure that the elbows are stretched and palm face each other. Press your feet into the floor and stretch the side torso. After a few breaths, interlock your fingers. Stretch the fingers and press the palm towards the ceiling. Hold this stretch and then bend to one side. Holding this stretch, bend to the other side. This exercise can also be performed when seated in your office chair. If you are doing this exercise in a sitting position, then ensure that you press your thigh bones into the chair, while stretching up.

Opening the Chest: Take your arms behind your back and interlock your fingers with the palms facing the torso. Now roll the shoulders in the backward direction, but ensure that the ribs are not poking forward. Stretch your elbows on an exhale and let it remain in that position for a few breaths. On the next exhale, bend your elbows and then slowly bring your wrists to your waist. Now gently press the elbow of your right hand towards the left.

You can do these yoga stretches in your breaks at work on regular intervals. These yoga exercises are simple and practicing them everyday will ensure an improvement in your hand strength and a significant reduction in pain.

By Nikhil Joshi

Alternatives to Carpal Tunnel

Following sound ergonomics can go a long way towards preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. If your workplace has someone who is either responsible for or an expert in ergonomics, ask for their advice to see what you could be doing to help avoid carpal tunnel.

Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

From simply fixing your workstation to doing carpal tunnel exercises using yoga, there are multitudes of ways to actually prevent this problem before it get serious enough to require costly and time-consuming healing procedures.

Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Here, carpal tunnel exercises using yoga can help. Perhaps the fact that the fact that RSI is so similar to writer’s cramp, it has also been given many names. RSI also goes by the aliases Cumulative Trauma Disorder, Occupational Overuse Syndrome, non-specific arm pain, and Work-Related Upper Arm Disorder. 

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