Risk Factors To Develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Risk Factors To Develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you having a problem with numbness in your fingers? If you are there are a couple of possible explanations for this. The two most common problems that create numbness in the fingers are carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury. These two problems can both create this finger numbness, as well as other possible symptoms. With this in mind, here is a better look at these two issues and a bit more about them to help you determine which one you are probably dealing with.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the possible causes of finger numbness. The carpal tunnel actually extends through the wrist on the side of the palm, with its purpose being the protection of the median nerve and a variety of tendons as well. When there is too much pressure applied to this nerve this can lead to the problem of numbness, as well as other issues.

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There are other possible symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome besides finger numbness, as you will discover. Often there will be tingling in the hands and fingers also. Another symptom can also be pain in the fingers, as well as the wrist and even up the arm. Weakness can also be another symptom related to carpal tunnel syndrome, even leading to the possibility of dropping things.

-The Risks – There are a variety of different risk factors that can make you more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome which you need to know about. Often occupations that involved making wrist motions that are repetitive can lead to the condition. Certain occupations, such as those that include working with computers, typing, and workers on assembly lines, can be more at risk. Pregnancy, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and even rheumatoid arthritis can make you more at risk as well.

Repetitive Stress Injury: Another issue that can cause finger numbness is known as repetitive stress injury. These injuries generally happen when you are performing the same motions over and over. In this case, the repetitive movement would involve the use of your wrists and hands. Some of the injuries that might be included are epicondylitis, bursitis, tenosynovitis, tendonitis and trigger finger.

-Causes – Stress injuries, what is it that causes these types of injuries to occur? Well, this type of injury can be brought on because of repetitions motions. Also, because of doing wrists motions which are unnatural. This can also be because of weakening of the muscles, over exerting, and having the wrong posture can be repetitive stress injuries.

Repetitive stress injuries can lead to many symptoms. While numb fingers are the best known of these symptoms, tingling and persistent pain centered in the hands and fingers can also result. Reduced hand strength, loss of flexibility, redness, and localized swelling may also be noticed.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries can both lead to loss of feeling in your fingers. It may be a good idea for you to visit your doctor, so that he can tell which of these is the program and determine how to treat your difficulties.

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