Tendonitis in Wrist

I have tendonitis in both wrists what is the best way to keep it from flaring up?

I ice my wrists every time the tendonitis flares up, but that doesn’t really make it stop hurting, and it definitely doesn’t stop it from coming back! How can i shorten the time it hurts and stop it from hurting so often?

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  1. You possibly have carpal tunnel syndrome. This can require surgery to correct. An easy home solution is to go to Walmart and by wrist splints, just wear these to bed because that will stop you from curling up your wrists which can be a cause of pain. Better trying that than to end up in surgery!

  2. Consult a doctor.
    Also try not to do anything too strenuous or awkward with your wrist if it can be helped.

  3. You should buy yourself resting splints for your wrists. Also, see a doctor and ask for a referral to see a physical therapist. They will evaluate and treat you with a specific program that they can monitor closely.

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