What are some good remedies for elbow tendonitis?

I’m a pitcher and have developed elbow tendonitis. I was wondering if there were some ways to get rid of it so I can fully pitch without restriction again.

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Test for thumb tendonitis

If you are wondering if you have tendonitis in your thumb, try this test.

Tendonitis at the base of the thumb is tested by wrapping the thumb around the fingers and then moving the wrist towards the pinky. If pain is felt at the base of the thumb the test is positive for tendonitis of the thumb (dequervains)

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How can I make the pains of tendonitis subside?

I’ve had tendonitis in my right hand for months now. I didn’t know I had it until a few days ago when I saw a doctor. I thought it was just a sprain.
It hurts so much, and no matter what I do, it wont stop. I haven’t used it at ALL and still am not, but it just wont stop hurting. What do I do?

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