Two Year Old With Thumb Tendonitis

Here is an interesting question from one of our readers.

I took her in because her left thumb at the top joint seemed to be popping out of place and was swelling. Her doctor said that she had tendonitis and that there was nothing we could do because she probably wouldn’t let us splint it or ice it. But my question is, is it common for a two year old to get tendonitis. I thought tendonitis usually came with age.

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What Can Be Done To Ease The Pain of Tendonitis?

I have developed tendonitis in my thumb, well, the base of it.  Besides splinting it and taking anti-inflammatory meds for it, anything I can do to ease the pain? I developed it from my job which involves quite a bit of repetetive motion. I plan to report it for workman’s comp, but there is no work this week (shutdown, remodeling) so I am on my own for a week.

Could this be carpal tunnel?

Both my index and middle fingers on both of my hands are getting swollen and tender and I cant close them all the way, my ring finger and my thumb, again on both hands feel kind funny in a stiff way. And it kind of hurts in my wrist when I try to write. I work with a computer and I play the bass guitar? Could I possibly be getting carpal tunnel or something like that? Other then wearing a wrist brace, what other steps could I take to help prevent it (if its not too late already) or ease the pain up because now I cant even play my bass.
I am unable to go see a doctor at the current moment due to no health insurance