Test for thumb tendonitis

If you are wondering if you have tendonitis in your thumb, try this test.

Tendonitis at the base of the thumb is tested by wrapping the thumb around the fingers and then moving the wrist towards the pinky. If pain is felt at the base of the thumb the test is positive for tendonitis of the thumb (dequervains)

10 thoughts on “Test for thumb tendonitis”

  1. Good video. I immediately noticed an ache on my left thumb. I gotta get my hands into shape if I’m ever going to pick up a ps3 controller again 🙁

  2. I would suggest consulting your doctor. Although this is a good self test, you should never substitute it for professional care.

    A doctor would be able to give final word on if you have tendinitis and a treatment.

  3. my thumb keeps making cracking/clicking noises when I bend it. What the heck is wrong with my thumb?? It’s not painful, just annoying..

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