Can tendonitis in my arm make my collar bone ache?

I have tendonitis in my arm from fast pitch softball. Mostly it is just in my wrist and elbow but recently my collar bone and shoulder have been aching horribly. Can that be related?

One thought on “Can tendonitis in my arm make my collar bone ache?”

  1. Absolutely! It is all related. If you want to you can try to release some pressure on your scalene muscles(the muscles that cross your collar bone). This is not a pain free thing to do, however it may help. What you can do is take your pointer and middle finger and locate your clavicle(collar bone) go above it and massage the muscles that go under it. You can even hook your fingers over the clavicle and put pressure there. This is definitely painful if you are spasmed so be prepared. Also if you can, go see a massage therapist. You will be amazed at the things they can do.

    Good luck!

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