Tennis Elbow Strengthening Exercises

This is a Tennis Elbow Strengthening exercise video from Total and Dr. Allan Mishra. Eccentric exercises are highlighted.

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How to Treat Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow injuries can be one long frustration for the tennis player. Learn how to treat sports injuries in this video on health and rehab.

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Tennis Elbow Therapy – Tennis Elbow Therapy & Stretching for Elbow Pain. Give this Stretch a shot to help cure your tennis elbow.

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What Is Tennis Elbow?

Effectively treat tennis elbow tendiniosis yourself at home without any special exercise equipment. Follow this incredible easy step by step tennis elbow treatment tip to start to ease your tennis elbow – lateral epicondylitis – pain. For my FREE course on muscle relaxation go to

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What is the best way to treat tendonitis?

I have tendonitis in my elbow. The pain extends to my upper arm. I do circuit training 3 times per week. I saw a doctor who advised me to stop all upper body equipment until the tendonitis was gone then add one machine back each week. The problem is my tendonitis has never completely healed. It hurts whether or not I have exercised. I take Advil but it gives me very little relief.

If I do my upper body exercises when the pain isn’t especially severe am I doing further damage to my arm?

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