Effect of Tobacco Use On Tendonitis Recovery Time

Here is  very interesting question from one of our readers.

I’ve been diagnosed with a severe case of tendonitis  with months of recovery.  Every doc asked if I smoked or used tobacco (I don’t) when discussing recovery time. Can someone explain the relationship between tobacco use and tendonitis recovery? (beyond merely answering “it takes longer to recover”)

2 thoughts on “Effect of Tobacco Use On Tendonitis Recovery Time”

  1. Smoking impairs circulation, which can slow the healing process by reducing blood perfusion of the healing tissues.

  2. anything you do that is out of the normal ‘balance’ for the body to maintain as a body will slow the healing process;; not eating right, not scheduling right for your sleep, guarding, smoking, overuse while trying to recover, vitamin or mineral deficiency, diabetes..again, ANYTHING out of balance limits it’s healing possibilites;; NO way in telling how long your recovery will take BECAUSE of quite a few things.. ya don’t eat right everyday, ya don’t sleep right every day, etc, etc;; you DO have SOME control over your smoking & that’s why the doc’s add this into the list of questions; other things that help or hinder your recovery is how long you’ve waited for treatment, what you’ve been doing or not doing to the part since initial injury, if you’ve gotten the proper treatment;; when it comes down to tendonitits, it’s actually an easy heal IF you catch it right away & IF you get the pro’s for muscles to help you…PT’s…good luck, hope this helps…but ya just can’t get an exact time on this because you have your own lifestyle, your own intakes, your own uses, your own decisions…

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