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  1. I had this problem.For the first 24 hours use ice and then heat.Once your elbow is better go on-line for exercises to help with the problem.Try to stay away from prescribed anti-inflammatory medication.

  2. I have had this, usually it will go within a couple of weeks, you need to rest it, as in stop doing what is irritating it, if this does not work you can get a strap from a chemist to put just above the area that hurts, if this does not work then go to your doctor and he or she will probably prescribe anti inflammatory tablets, if this does not work then the next step is a Cortisone injection to the area, this really worked for me the first couple of times, and if that does not work, and i should have said this first is physio therapy, the last option and this was the last thing i tried because nothing else worked after twelve months of pain was surgery, they just cut and release the tendon, my arm is as good as new and have not had any problems with it since, with this, if you work, then you will need to have 3 months off work. if you are a manual worker.
    One way to tell if it is Tennis Elbow is to lift something like a carton of milk with your palm of your hand face down and pick it up, if it hurts on the top of your elbow then you have it.

  3. i was always told to use that arm as little as possible for a week. for me, this worked. i have never had a problem after that. i’d say talk to a doc after that if the pain hasnt gone away or intensified. by using it as little as possible, you are giving your arm the best chance to heal as quickly as it possibly can. that’s the best quick fix i know of. try a website like webmd.com or something. good luck dude.

  4. ive had this problem when i was 8 yrs old. 1st i suggest you see a doctor to be sure… 2nd: tennis elbow usually last for 3 to 4 weeks depends on the damage.. lastly my father told me to change my raquet to a lighter one cause before i used a heavy raquet (good for baseliners) and eventually it never came back again.. so i also suggest to try changing ur raquet into lighter 1.

  5. In order of cost to you: 1- Get a rubber band that is 1/4th inch wide,three inches long. Wrap it around your four fingers at the outer length of your pinky…….slowly spread fingers,hold briefly,release. Repeat numerous times(can be done almost anytime). You will think nothing is improving but,if it works,after a couple weeks the pain could stop! 2- Increase your grip size to minimize squeezing while playing. 3- Restring racket 5-10lbs looser. Even with all these attempted I have seen tennis elbow cause players to miss six months……of course,seeing a doctor is smart 🙂

  6. rest it. ice it. and ibuprofen if you need to use it. Also try to use the computer mouse w your left hand.

  7. Common home treatment for tennis elbow is the ice pack. To reduce the pain in the arm, place an ice pack over it for about 15 minutes.
    Place a couple of warm boiled large potatoes in a piece of cloth and put it over the affected area. You can also tie this potato pack to help minimize the pain and reduce the swelling.
    Using hot and cold compress can also help minimize the pain.

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