Tennis Elbow Strengthening Exercises

This is a Tennis Elbow Strengthening exercise video from Total and Dr. Allan Mishra. Eccentric exercises are highlighted.

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I havent had time to see a doctor, all my friends and two personal trainers told me I had tendonitis?

I still work out alot. I have the tennis elbow type of tendonitis. I try to limit the pulling exercise but judging on all this and I am ( a young teen) how long will it take to heal. This season Im not doing many sports.

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Coritsone Shots – Heal or Pain Relief

Will a cortisone shot (for tennis elbow) actually increase healing or simply provide temporary pain relief?

Been struggling with tennis elbow for 7 weeks. I haven’t touched a racquet in 6 weeks and stopped lifting weights 4 weeks ago. Started taking Aleve twice a day 5 days ago and plan to continue that for total of 14 days then see MD if no better. I was icing it 1-2 times a day for about 2 weeks but stopped after no improvement felt. Any thoughts?

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How to give an Injection for Tennis Elbow

Texas Tech Sports Medicine videos from the Texas Tech MedCast: Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Injections. Correct procedures for giving injections for lateral epicondylitis to treat pain for tennis elbow. For more information, see

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What do I do for my Tennis elbow?

A summer and late fall of planting trees, and digging over a 100 holes in hard ground has left me with a bad case of tennis elbow. Doctor told me to stretch, take 2 alieve twice a day, but taking the alieve I can’t sleep at night. What do I do? Does alieve affect any one else like this?

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Tennis Elbow Stretches Dr. Allan Mishra Total

This is a video of a simple tennis elbow stretching protocol by Dr. Allan Mishra from Total

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