Is icing your shoulders helpful if you have tendonitis?

i have tendonitis in my rotator cuffs, and i really want them to get better before hs swim, which is in two weeks. will icing help them get better faster?

2 thoughts on “Is icing your shoulders helpful if you have tendonitis?”

  1. I have a rotator cuff problem!
    Icing was one of the treatments that I was required to do.
    I also had to undergo physical therapy 3 times a week for a month!
    Have you gone to an orthopedic surgeon to be evaluated?
    You really could do more harm than good if you do not rest your shoulders!
    Icing, and anti-inflammatory medications are usually prescribed.
    But before you engage in anymore activiites that require shoulder actions, you need to see an orthopedic specialist to see how severe the probem is.
    Also, I had to have a cortisone injection.
    But, it is anybody’s guess whether your problem will get better in 2 weeks and you should get the advice of the orthopedic doctor as to whether you should continue your usual activities using your shoulders.
    Best of Luck!

  2. Ice will help with any inflammation and pain you may have. If you ice you should follow a 20 min on and 1 hour off. With tendinitis the best thing is to rest for a while and give your tendons time to heal. If it’s a rotator cuff issue, these symptoms can hang around for a while, so try and be patient and let them rest.

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