Tibialis Anterior Tendonitis and Skiing

Is it alright to ski if I am overcoming tibialis anterior tendonitis and just sprained my ankle today?

I may have had a stress fracture in september and was later told i have tibialis anterior tendonitis that kept me from being allowed to run since august. im in the process of getting orthotics to get back to running fully again but im lightly running until the shipment comes in. today i hurt my ankle running and im icing it like crazy. i want to ski sooo badly this week but is that a bad idea?

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Foot Tendonitis

How do you heal foot tendonitis, how can I reduce the pressure I put on it when I walk?

Please help Tendonitis should last 10 days and I’ve had it over 6 weeks, btw not a stress fracture and its on the outside of my foot near the toes

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