What are some strengthening exercises for achilles tendonitis?

I just am starting to recover from achilles tendonitis and wanted to know some strengthening exercises to keep it from coming back. Thanks

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  1. You should discuss this with your doctor, and he can show you strengthening exercises or send you to a physical therapist and they can show/give you a home exercise program with sheets on how to do the exercises. It is very important that a professional show you how to do these exercises so you don’t make matters worse or aggravate your symptoms.

    What Dugout41 said is true but make sure you know exactly how to do these exercises. If you are unsure ask your physician or have a physical therapist show you.

  2. an easy one is get a ball and roll your foot on it while you sit down. this increases the motion w/o having a lot of resistance/stress on the tendon.

    do it in different directions such as clockwise, then counterclockwise, backwards and forwards.

    as the strength increases you can then do toe-ups, leaning against a wall to balance, stand up and down on tippy toes:)

  3. I don’t know what this is called. But stand barefoot.
    Then raise yourself up by the toe, so that you stand on them.
    Repeat several times until you get tired.
    Will also strengthen your calves.

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