3 thoughts on “What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?”

  1. Medical term is tendinitis.
    Pain in the joint near the elbow. Usually pronounced when you bend your arm a certain way, lift something, etc.
    I’m not really sure how you get it and neither are the doctors. It’s associated with the tendons in the arm.
    Usually resting the arm, not doing the activity that aggravates the condition, icing it, etc. will eventually get rid of it. Ibuprofen will reduce/eliminate the pain for awhile.
    I asked my doctor about it since I’ve had it off and on for a couple years now and he said – sometimes it doesn’t go away.
    Mine isn’t too bad so I live with it.

  2. Symptoms are pain in the upper part of your forearm, close to the elbow joint. It hurts when you hold and lift slightly heavy things, such as a half gallon of milk.
    You can get it by using bad form while playing tennis.
    You get rid of it by icing it, resting it, and using a "tennis elbow" brace. Physical therapy may help.

    If you think you have it, see a physician, preferably one who knows sports medicine.

  3. It will be very sore and tender on the little muscle that shows when you bend your arm, it will hurt when you straighten out your arm or lift anything, it is a kind of burning pain, hurts a lot.

    The best way to get rid of is by either getting an injection of cortisone or by taking oral steroids in the sequence of 6 the first day, 5 the next, etc. until you are down to one. The shot works immediately but does not last long, when you take the oral steroids it usually helps indefinitely especially if you wear the brace.

    Feel better.

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