how can i prevent tendonitis recurring when i start weight lifting again?

i just recently started weight lifting with new dumbbells, after a few weeks i began to notice elbow pain and after extensive research i have diagnosed the problem as being tendonitis. its a very, very moderate pain !! and dosnt warrant a doctors appointment as i already know the treatment. anyways i was wondering does anyone know an effictive plan ( such as warm ups) that i can use to prevent the problem resurfacing and slowing me down. Thanks

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  1. Tendinitis is caused by the tendons shortening up because of trauma to them. Is that what you have for your diagnosis? If not you are going the wrong way and will have trouble finding anything that is going to help you. Yes, tendons will do that when they have trauma around them, a sprained wrist is exactly that, the tendon has tightened up pulling the wrist into the hand. I had my sprained wrist gone in less than 5 minutes because I knew what caused it, the pain and swelling were both gone.
    You have to release those tendons to get the relief you want. Finding them is the big problem for they are buried in your elbow. The only thing that is going to be of help to you is that the end of each muscle has a tendon to it but it’s finding the one that has shortened that is the problem as well as the number to choose from. I can offer you a few things to try to find them but I have no way of knowing exactly which one is causing you the pain. Once they are released though you shouldn’t have a repeat of the problem unless you re-injure your elbow. Here is what you can try to find the muscles with the shortened tendons and to get them released:
    With your arm in front of you let it dangle straight and between your legs. With your other hand place your thumb just on the outside of the bicep muscle slightly above the elbow. Press in and move your thumb around the bone to try to find something that feels tight. If you find it press on it, if you don’t find a cord, a raised bump in there and press on it while at the same time pulling your fingers into the back of the muscle. Now relax the rest of your body. After 30 seconds, slowly bring your arm up and bend it all the way up at the elbow, then release the pressure but continue holding for another 30 seconds. Then return your arm to the starting point, dangling between your legs. this time go to the inside of the bicep and press around again or find a ligament and press on it and hold. Relax your body. After the 30 seconds, slowly bend your arm, release the pressure but hold bent for another 30 seconds.
    You can try feeling around your arm, front and sides and if you go all the way around you should notice when you get to something that is hard which means it could be short and needs to be lengthened. Do so by the same method of pressing, holding, bending, releasing the pressure and the hold of the bent position. You can also try finding the painful ones by bending your elbow and feeling around for the one or ones that seem to be the problem, follow them up the arm an inch or so and press into them there and then do the rest of the release.

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