What Is Tennis Elbow?

What exactly is tennis elbow and how do you cure it? because I think I now have it because my elbow hurts and I’ve been playing a lot of tennis lately.

2 thoughts on “What Is Tennis Elbow?”

  1. Once you get it, it can always come back. Do what i do:
    1) Wear an elbow strap !
    2) Use "soft" strings (multifilaments)
    3) Use a racquet with a stiffness under 70
    4) Strenghthen your forearm and wrist with exercise using a squeezing device.
    5) Do bicep curls with weights, they strengthen your forearm.

    If you get it bad, you have to stop cold turkey for 2 months, I learned that the hard way. If you keep trying to play with bad pain it never heals.

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