Can you get tennis elbow twice in the same elbow?

I was told in 2005 that I had tennis elbow and needed surgery. I had surgery in 2005 on my right elbow. Now it is red swollen and hurts every time I touch it. Is it possible to have the same problem again?

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  1. you got a diagnosis, but didn’t get a reason for your tennis elbow, & therefore didn’t learn to resolve it, so, whatever caused the problem in the first place is the reason it returned;; you have more than one tendon in your elbow, hon;; & what you didn’t learn when rehabbing this is how to treat that elbow, functionally;; I think it is truly funny how people go in for ‘fix’it’s’ but do nothing to resolve it when educated about it (people just won’t stick to exercise regimens);; your simply tensing your arm in any part or parts of it to cause the tendon(s) to inflame;; you need to change up the use of that arm to work more efficiently for what your demands are on it…could be steming from how you use your wrist, your shoulder, your forearm musculature;; could be repetitive functions, your job, simply how you wash dishes…try getting involved with a therapist that can educate you rather than one that just ‘does’ & you should be fine, IF you apply what you are taught;; good luck!! but treat it the same way you did after your initial surgery & get to the doc to resolve this..ask for a PT referral & see if the doc has any "favorites’ that he can recommend to you…& btw, the tendon just doesn’t get ‘red’ right away, there are usually symptoms that present themselves before it gets to this extent;; that’s when you go back to your stretches, deep tendon massages & ice applications…shots are coverups, surgery is ‘quick fix;’ or chronic stages, ya gotta get back to the original problem & fix THAT, & THAT is the way you use that arm..again, good luck!! I truly hope this helps you!!

  2. Technically tennis elbow is lateral epicondlyitis, which is the boney part on the outside of your elbow. You can get this again, this can sometimes result from dysfunction anywhere in the upper extremity. Are you a tennis player? Have ortho check for shoulder dysfunction.

  3. Yes you can! Has your doctor/therapist from back in ’05 given you instructions on any tennis elbow home cures – stretching and strengthening exercises?

    What you need to do at his point is to totally rest that arm! Rest will promote the healing. Icing will help with the pain and swelling.

    Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain (or motion) injury. What are you doing that is causing this? You’ll need to find a way to do this repetitive motion using a different form or function. In the meantime, while your arm is resting (healing), you need to find a good exercising/stretching program that you can utilize to ensure you don’t have this problem recur again and again. This was very important for my bf’s recovery when he got it back in ’06 from work. He is still doing fine!

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