What should I do if I think I have tendonitis?

I have a knot in my back and from looking at anatomical pictures it looks like a tendon that hurts. It hurts when I touch it and it "clicks" when I move my arm a certain way and when I do exercise. Should I stop exercising? What kind of doctor should I see? How would tendonitis be treated if that is the cause? Thanks
Thanks, I do go to a gym, and that’s how I noticed the problem.

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  1. tendonitis is caused by weak muscles, your demands on the body are higher than the muscle can produce @ this time, therefore, the tendon gets used more than it should cuz the muscle can’t;; ends up inflaming the tendon since the muscle can respond with more flexibility & tension than the tendon can;; ends up inflamed;; remember that the tendon is attached from the muscle to the bone;; so it’s GONNA pull on whatever bone it’s attatched to (abnormally, @ hence, the "clicking";; you need to get a doc to diagnose you, then you need PT (ask the doc);; the PT can differentiate which muscle(s) is/are responsible;; they will incorporate stretches, exercises, deep massage & ice treatments, IF it is tendonitis;;; too hard for you to do by guessing, & PT’s are the specialists behind kinetics of muscle & bone…your best bet…good luck…but the PRIMARY thing to do is to learn WHAT is causing the tension to the tendons;; once you do that, then treat it, cont to treat @ home, too, it won’t return..again, good luck!!

  2. Go to your doctor, get physical therapy from a physical therapist. Join a gym, ask a trainer about how to strengthen the muscles in your back, then do them.

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