Carpal Tunnel Brace?

I have really bad carpal tunnel. My hand hurts all the time. I can’t sleep anymore because of it. I bought a brace to sleep in but it does not work at all. I have tried tightening it I’ve tried to make it lose. Nothing helps. I was wondering if there is anyone that has found a really good brace that works for them.

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  1. I think you are past the brace help. Go have the surgery. It’s nothing really. I just had it and it’s not bad. My hand also hurt at night and my fingers were going numb and I couldn’t sleep. I know the pain.

  2. my mother had it in both arms and she had surgery on one and let the other rest and the one thast got the rest ( about 2 months rest) was just as good as the one that had been operated on. Nothing helps but rest

  3. Unfortunatly, nothing other than surgery or good pain killers is gonna work. Go see a surgeon that scpecializes in carpal tunnel.

    Bummer, feel better!

  4. There is no god brace to work. on Carpal tunnel
    I had the same as you.the surgery was done in Europe. in Spain.
    I being on surgery al’ready it works good, am fine .on both hands is nothing big the surgery , its ambulatory they will let you go home the same day. just dont ask to do both the time .. one by one like that you will help your self.
    its better to have a surgery than to be always in pain.

  5. I am sorry that you are having so much pain and problems but let me try and help. First off what kind of work are you doing? If you are sitting at a desk working a computer try these things. Your chair should be adjustable and swivel and have arms with a high back. Hopefully it has a lumbar support. If it doesn’t then make one by rolling up a hand towel and sticking it in the lower back. When at the desk the feet should be flat on the floor and the knees higher than the hips. You should be sitting back into the chair and the keyboard should be tiered, ergonomic, or at the very least have a padded wrist bar. The monitor should be at eye level so that you keep your head looking straight not down. The arms should be able to hang comfortably down at the sides without stretching to reach the keyboard. At least every hour get up and take a few seconds to stretch your neck. Most carpal tunnel issues are really in the neck and if you don’t address this no matter how many surgical procedures are done things are not going to get better. How is your posture? If your posture is not good then you need to see a physical therapist and have them work on this with you. At home at least start with walking around with a book on your head. This will cause your head to move to a neutral posture and that will influence the rest of the spine in a positive way. When in the chair take a second and do this exercise. Place both feet flat on the floor and put a slight arch into the lower back. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and then pull them down towards the waist. Do that a few times every hour. Place your hands behing the head and gently push your hands into the head and at the same time push back with your head. Hold for a second and repeat throughout the day. That will make your neck stronger. For the wrists try this. Stand perpendicular to a wall. Extend your arm straight out at 90 degrees with the hand on the wall with the fingers facing the opposite direction from your head. Slowly turn the body so that it becomes parallel to the wall. There should be a stretch going through the wrist. If not when the body is parallel to the wall slowly turn the head to face the direction the fingers are pointing. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat as necessary. Wear the cock up splint at night. There are better braces out there than some. Look for one that puts no pressure on the middle of the wrist as that is where the nerve that is irritated resides. The best way to treat all of this is with a good physical therapist. Ask for a referral. Hope this will be of some help to you.

  6. You need to get this treated—just putting a brace around it will not necessarily make it better, and if you do not have health insurance, try your local health department—-below is the google search I did to see if I can find anything for you—I do not know too much about this, so I decided to give you the search site…..good luck

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