Could this be carpal tunnel?

Both my index and middle fingers on both of my hands are getting swollen and tender and I cant close them all the way, my ring finger and my thumb, again on both hands feel kind funny in a stiff way. And it kind of hurts in my wrist when I try to write. I work with a computer and I play the bass guitar? Could I possibly be getting carpal tunnel or something like that? Other then wearing a wrist brace, what other steps could I take to help prevent it (if its not too late already) or ease the pain up because now I cant even play my bass.
I am unable to go see a doctor at the current moment due to no health insurance

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  1. Sounds more like tendinitis or possibly even arthritis, but you really should see a doctor. CTS, untreated, can cause muscle atrophy and non-reversible muscle damage

  2. warm wax dip like they have at a manicure shop
    cold ice and ibuprofen .helps inflammation
    i think the wax and machine for puffin wax can be found at a Walgreen’s or ask the pharmaceutical area for warm wax,just dip and peel off after cooling.
    a wrist brace helps quite a bit .

  3. Carpal tunnel usually causes a tingly sensation, not so much swollen that you can’t close them. It really doesn’t sound like Carpal Tunnel to me, because the discomfort that causes is because of pressure on the nerve. You should see a doctor, it could be a number of things — but unless you feel like your hands go numb it doesn’t sound like carpal tunnel.

  4. I really have sympathy for you. I had carpal tunnel in my left hand 2 years ago. The pain was unbearable. After sur gery gary, I felt much better, but 3 months later, I got carpal tunnel in my right wrist. I had surgery on that wrist. Now it’s returning in my left wrist. I no longer have medical insurance, so I have to deal with the unbearable pain. My suggestion to you would be, if you have insurance, see your Dr. before the pain gets too bad. Good Luck!

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