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  1. So… I was playing Billy Joel’s “Prelude” (Angry Young Man) today, and I never warm up before playing piano. But now my left hand up to my elbow is tingly and numb. Could this be carpal tunnel? At first I thought I was gonna have a heart attack at a very young age lol, but then I told someone about it and they said it could be carpal tunnel syndrome. So can surgery be avoided? I don’t wanna NOT be able to play the piano! Music is my LIFE!

  2. Hello,
    Numb and tingly pain in the arm is usually from a pinched nerve in the neck.
    Go see a highly referred Chiropractor asap. And warm up including some GENTLE hand stretches for 5 min before playing. Be well Dr. M

  3. I have some of the symtoms in my right hand. pins and needles when driving or when using a short shovel, also if an activity requires me to quickly straighten my wrist from a bent position while pulling I will have a poping sensation in my hand and fingers followed by immediate pain as if shocked by electricity. What can you tell me about this? Thank you for the video.

  4. Hello,
    The symptoms you are describing are likely caused by some nerve entrapment in the spine and or arm. Also there is usually a lifestyle component such as lack of enough sleep to help the body regenerate and repair. I would recommend seeking out a Highly referred Chiropractor who works with sports injuries and extremeties (arms & legs) I can also check my directory if you give me your zip code & town.
    In Health, Dr. Michael

  5. Thank you for your response I have recently had to see an orthepedic sergen for a broken wrist so I descibed the symtoms and he was ready to preform carpal tunnel surgery, and after watching your video no way, NO SUGERY.

    Taylor, Arizona 85939

  6. omg, i dont want to have this thing!, i wanna keep playing my guitar forever!!!!. I better start working out my hands, and stretchin my wrists! so i dont get carpal tunnel

  7. Hey Doc,I don’t know if it’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but I see a small lump in my arm on both sides and I feel slight pain sometimes,I’m able to move my fingers and stuff but I’m not sure what the rest is.

  8. I have a numbness on the outside half of my thumb and inner forefinger. About two years back I started having difficulties lifting anything heavy, when I tried I would get a sharp pain/stressed feeling all over my hand and up through my elbow. The feeling in my thumb has been there for a few days and hasn’t gone away, it started after I felt my wrist pop when I rested my head against it. I’ve never had any serious injuries to my left hand, though I do experience pain in my upper back.

  9. This video discusses the causes of CTS and many ways to help your body heal itself including trigger point therapy, adequate rest, Chiropractic ,Osteopathy, and stretching. In 13 years of practicing I have prevented many surgeries and never have had one patient require surgery. You could watch this video 100 times and still not understand all the high level healthcare content. The surgery is the “Quick fix” which will leave your hand 40 percent weaker. Look it up or ask your Orthopedist.

  10. Well therapy does help, but if you have it for a long time, and you dont do nothing at all, it can lead to a really swollen hand, and surgery. Am I right?

  11. It is an Elective surgery. You can resolve CTS because the body is self healing and will heal itself if you remove whatever interference is stopping it from healing itself and creating the wrist inflammation.

  12. I havent had much relief from carpal tunnel using home remedies (splints, medication, ice). Before now my symptoms were much milder. Ive recently taken up a new sport, sailing, which seems likely related to the sudden worsening of my symptoms. Would you be able to recommend a highly referred Chiropractor who works with sports injuries and extremeties (arms & legs)? Thank you for the video.

    Alameda, CA 94501

  13. @WholisticHealthDoc i am 14 and i think i may have Carpal tunnel syndrome and i just wanna know. Can the tendin heal that causes carpal tunnel?

  14. I am having pains in my wrist from using the mouse to much but I dont’ know if its carp tunnel or the surgery to my navicular bone I had years earlier. Any clues?

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