How can I show what tendonitis is using household items?

For my health project we have an injury and we have to demonstrate what the bones and muscles and stuff would look like if that happened. Well I have tendonitis and I have no clue how to show what it is can anyone help?

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  1. Batonwiz, certainly look at the sites offered by those who gave them. I don’t know what is in them and how much help that they might be. Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon. The injury comes from tiny cuts or rips in the tendon. They become irritated and painful making movements very difficult. They can be difficult to heal as the irritants are so small. The bones are not involved and usually the muscle or muscles involved go into a protective state thus causing an immobilization. To visualize this take a tendon and usually the problem is at the origin of the muscular tendinous junction. At that point you would drawl some very small tears. There would be minimal bleeding if any. The area would be slightly swollen.

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