Does this indicate tennis elbow?

When I served during my last match, I felt a pain in my elbow section. just below the shoulders up to the elbow. Is this the tennis elbow? How did I got it? and how can i get rid of it?
Ok, so sorry for m wrong info.. it’s not my elbow that hurts.. it’s my triceps? hmm I dunno much about anatomy, but it’s the muscle between my elbow and shoulders, the muscle below the shoulder.

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  1. I used to have this exact same injury. The muscle is under a lot of stress. This injury takes a long time to heal if you don’t do anything about it. You need to ice the area 10-30 minutes a day. Never Never NEVER put heat on it. Putting heat on a new injury attracts fluid to the injury. Only use ice. I suggest that you buy a tennis elbow thing. They are about 3 dollars and easy to find at anywhere that sells good racquets. That is what helped for me. You shouldn’t work out the muscle with weights. You should rotate your arm and stretch but not to the point of pain (very very light stretching). Lay off serve for a while and you should be fine. Using ice is one of the best things you can use to make it heal fast. If you do what I say, your injury can go away quickly. If it continues, see a doctor.

  2. This may be tennis elbow, but I am not entirely sure without more information. You should ask a doctor on this question. How you got is unknown because I don’t know what you did. Maybe you play too much tennis and that can cause tennis elbow. To get rid of tennis elbow I think you should rest and not do anything serious (like playing tennis) that use that arm.

  3. Well I don’t know if you have tennis elbow, but, if you do, you should rest for like two weeks (or ask your docter) and to help prevent it from coming back, try using Pro Kennex rackets (the professional ones) Inside the rackets (mine atleast) is kinetic tecnology. It is proven to prevent vibrations, shock, and it increases your power. I use the Ki 15 PSE. Here are the specifications:
    Head Size 105 in 677 cm
    Length 27.25 in
    Weight 315 grams/11.1oz
    Cross Section 25 mm
    Flex(RA) 70*
    Balance Point 315 mm 10 pts headlight
    Swing Weight 295
    Materials 100% Ultra-High Modulus Graphite

  4. If it’s a pain that has come on slowly as you play, then it’s probably tennis elbow.

    If it is pain that came on suddenly after a specific shot, then you may have an actual injury.

    Tennis elbow takes a long freakin time to go away, trust me on this one.

    Try to ice down the area after you’re done playing and use ibuprophen every 4 hours to treat the pain and inflammation.

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