0 thoughts on “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”

  1. this is wat i have and im only in 7th grade im in band so i bend my hand alot cus of the instrument i play…..i need surgery.

  2. hahahaha. yeah ive been playing drums for about a year but after switching to french grip i noticed my thumb and wrist are getting some pain after my workout. i hope that’s not why

  3. crap, I think I’ve got it, I’m working really hard to get an animated special out for christmas and my wrist is really starting to feel it. not to mention the time i’m not working on it, i’m at work on the computer. my eyes can handle it but my wrist can’t take much more. oh well I’ll rest once the christmas special is fully animated.

  4. I used to get this because I would pick up heavy boxes all day. I just changed the way I picked up the boxes….problem solved. As for typing, I got a wrist rest….A little pad you can get to put under your wrists that really help when typing. Wrist braces do help to when you are doing something you know you cannot change the position of your wrist while doing it.

  5. I never had it in my life. I type alot and tex alot and everything. maybe it has to do with it that ive been doing full contact amrtial arts since 3 and i do push ups on my fingers and we have strong and good streched wrists so we can pretty much nerver sprain em when punching.

  6. but if i narrow it down i dont think that me doing Martial arts has to do with it i think its the way most of u guys eat. eat all that processed shit. like i have like pizza what 1s a month or every 2 to 3 months

  7. does anyone complain of numbness in three fingers; thumb fore and middle fingers? I have that in left hand and in right hand i had carpal tunnel surgery but now have trick finger thumb in that hand and alot of pain in middle part of forearm

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