Compression Sleeve or band for Tennis Elbow?

I recently developed tennis elbow from practicing martial arts. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of brace works best for this injury? Please list specific brands if one has worked for you. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Compression Sleeve or band for Tennis Elbow?”

  1. I have used the Tru neoprene ones with good results. They come down lower on your forearm and are higher on your bicep so they give your elbow and tendons, muscles and ligaments good support there at the elbow. I have also worn a brace for that particular problem on one of my forearms at times along with the neoprene braces.

  2. I’ve use several, the BIKE braces worked of but did not help the problem go away. IF this is just now setting in I would highly recommend going to a sports medicine clinic as this can be a very troublesome MA injury. Left alone long enough you will require surgery to have it fixed. I am at that point because of neglect. I used the braces, anti -inflammatory drugs, along with ice and heat after training. Guess what it is still there worse than ever.

    I’m not somebody who recommends the doc when it can be handled otherwise but like I said, this can be a huge pain in the @ss and it is worth going the extra mile on this one.

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