Tennis Elbow Therapy – Cross Fiber Friction Massage – Tennis Elbow Therapy at home using a simple massage technique for tennis elbow called Cross Fiber Friction Massage. Give it a try for temporary relief from tennis elbow.

7 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow Therapy – Cross Fiber Friction Massage”

  1. Combined this massage with some exercises I found on youtube & cleared my t.e. in 10 days. Give it a try – it works.
    (The exercises are the ones using a small hammer – look under – tennis elbow exercises) Good luck & thanks for posting this.

  2. I did this exact treatment on my fiance’s arm — however, I worked the distal attachment site as well — Worked like a charm for pain relief! Thanks for the vid.

  3. i have internal scartissue on my left shoulder. could you give me some tips to massage it away

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