10 thoughts on “Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery”

  1. Bowstringing is a complex issue that does not typically happen in carpal tunnel release but certainly has been described in association with an open standard CTR. I personally have not seen in but that may be due to the way the palmar fascia is handled even wiht open release practicing a “less is more” type of surgery. In times of the dinosaurs and pangea when routine flexor tenolysis was done during ctr bowstringing may have been more of an issue.

  2. However I still personally think that initial splinting after ECTR is worthwhile.
    I do not know of a case of bowstringing in a routine ECTR whether this changes by not surgically cutting of the palmar fascia and doing “less” to the associated adjacent anatomy that you prevent bowstringing.
    By the way.. if you have seen this video and are interested further you can hear a podcast about endoscopic carpal tunnel release on itunes by searching for hand sugery podcast

  3. Thank you for taking the time to inform me on this. I am a first year in DPM school right now and was considering the differences between hand and foot with respect to retinacula. Your reply was very informative.

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