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  1. thnk you soooo much dawg! i’ve tried many other way but none of those work..i was able to complete my badminton final match.without your video i think i would hv lost the match. you are my HERO!!

  2. FatSachs… just rest the elbow by trying to avoid the exercises that irritate it. A lot of the exercises that irritate your elbow while working out have to do with the position of your wrist… it’s too much to explain here, but just be gentle at the gym… a few exercises that can irritate it are variations of different curls & upright rows. Once you’ve rested it for 2 weeks are so and the pain isn’t constant, start applying these methods.

  3. you got to do it man I’m suffering from it to been traing for years I ahte it not being able to train but I know I have just do it go for runs that’s what I’m doin…no man I was in so much pain I was on the floor and I train like mofo…believe me causing serious or worse damage takes longer to heal last time I was out for months I live at the gym…

  4. I have had pain for 3 weeks & tried this. Thankyou so much!!!! after 2 days it has totally disappeared! Thankyou Todd Scott!!! 🙂

  5. CRE8TOR, I agree – I don’t think there’s a cure. The exercises do, however, keep the pain level way down and do seem to keep the condition from becoming out-of-control disabling.

  6. I fry my back being over advertureous, now reverting to wasting my life online due to pain and restriction, I’ve gained tennis elbow, which I never heard anything about until forced to join the group.Thx for the tips.

  7. it takes much effort my son. I have had tennis elbow for almost a year now and im about to conquer this fucking nightmare!!!!!!!!

  8. thanks 4 sharing

    i just have a lil question:

    i have a tennis elbow and at the same time a wrist tendonitis, when i do this exercise my wrist hurts during doing those motions.

    and alternatives?

    what u think of ice elbow massage, or general treatment with ice?

  9. i lift wieghts and have been in pain for the past month in my right arm by elbow I dont want to take time off but its killing me hammer curls arent even possilbe. can i use light wieght curls until it goes away or should i take time off completly and

  10. i had exact same problem, i went to the doctor and eventually they agreed to give me a cortisone injection, this totally sorts it out, was perfect after that I recommend you do that. Only think is if you carry on stressing it then it can start coming back again.

  11. is it possible to completly get rid of this condition? i just had started doing light eccentric excersises and it seems to be strengthening my tendon in my forearm and i think it may be helping. they say if your condition longer than 3 weeks u most likely have elbow tendonosis which is a lot different from tendonitis, tendonitis has to do with inflamation, and tendonosis has to do with swelling in your tendons. tendonosis is the most complicated injury i have ever had and still am going through.

  12. hey i had cortisone on my triceps and kind a messed up my fore arm now i have tennis elbow big time does it realy work or not coz im about to loose it i cant lift any weights as im a bodybuilder it messes me up let know man thanks 4 ur time

  13. i had cortisone,acupuncture over and over and deep tissue massage it didnt cure it i dont know wot tha fuck im gonna do does it ever go away i lost 3 stone muscle already any idea thanx guys…

  14. dunno what u mean cortisone on your triceps, cortisone injections are given in to the tendon/joint, straight into the elbow for me, and ye it fixed it sweet in 2 days. Will come back again after a few weeks though if you continue to abuse the joint!

  15. I recommend you guys that have this problem to look into trigger pointing. I am assistant strength coach and I work with tennis players and they have all found great benefits. Trigger pointing involves finding pressure points around certain areas such as the elbow and basically pressing as hard as you can where it hurts for a certain amount of time. It has a residual effect so could feel better the next day or weeks later if kept up.

  16. use one of those little wraps around your upper forearm , Im a bodybuilder as well and have this problem in my left elbow, also take glucosamine, fish oil, and msm

  17. I’m 39 now and I bowl, golf, and play racquetball and I now have tennis elbow. Wow,does my elbow hurt in the morning. …. old age sucks….

  18. thank you for uploading this vid!! and thanks to all others who posted useful tips. Those exercises are also good to prevent a tennis elbow 😉

    greets from germany

  19. thank you so much,2 months ago I injured my hand when I was having a waterpolo game,it hurted so much for month and a half,and just 2 weeks ago tI started doing these exercises and they worked,i got rid of all the pain thanks to you

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