What is the difference between tendonitis and carpal tunnel?

Our family physician just gave my husband splints and told him to take some aleve for his hand problems. His hands and fingers hurt, more so at night, and nothing seems to be helping. We are just trying to figure out what it could be before we see a specialist. What are the major differences between tendonitis and carpal tunnel? Any info. would be helpful!!!

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  1. Tendonitis is the inflammation (thus usually the aching) of tendons. Carpal tunnel is an anatomical structure on the distal anterior forearm. If you mean carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), then that is a syndrome whereby the tendons, nerves, and vessels that pass through the carpal tunnel at the wrist become impinged because of an increase in the size of the muscles that pass through them.

    Most cases that I’ve seen are NOT true CTS cases. They are misdiagnoses. If this doesn’t work, take him to the chiropractor because the nerve may not be "pinched" in the carpal tunnel but actually in the neck. Results can be phenominal if it’s not really CTS.

  2. Tendonitis is actually inflammation of the tendon itself. With carpal tunnel, the problem involves the nerves as well, from repeated movements, not necessarily injury. With carpal tunnel, you also have tingling in the hands and numbness. webmd.com is a good place to go for medical info.

  3. It sounds like Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have it and it migrates .

    Two years ago it was in my knees severely. A 10 day bout of prednizone took care of my knees.

    Then it moved to my wrists and left thumb joint, right upper jaw joint. Took prednizone again they got better. But it is coming back into my left thumb joint and wrist badly.

    Now the worst is my back low spine, below the waist and between the shoulder blades.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    I had to Take 2 Ibuprofen every 4 hours and 2 Excedrin every 4 hours. Ibuprofen does not kill pain for me but it did remove the inflammation and swelling.

    I also went on an a to z vitamin program and that has helped a lot.

    Mine is worst in the morning 4 am, when I wake. I have major stiffness and pain. At its worst, I could barely walk, had to use a raised "twalett" seat. The knees would not lift my own weight and no I really do not weigh a ton.

    It might be worth going to a rheumatologist for an evaluation.
    I definitely sympathize, mine came on fairly abruptly nearly 3 years ago . I would say without warning, but once I was diagnosed there really was warning. I just thought it was the joy of age, which it is.

    Good Luck.

    PS. the pain from tendinitis and carpal tunnel and RA are basically the same, they all hurt.

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