Knee Pain Rehab Video – Patellar Tendonitis

THIS HURTS! What hurts…: patella tendom How you hurt it…: during climbing, it was gone for 3 months but now comes back When you hurt it…: first time 5 months ago and then for 3 weeks I had rest, after that was better, but from time to time after climbing I felt it. Since 2 days it came back and now is painfull and skin above ligamentum is red and warm Your pain level (1 is low, 10 is high pain): 5/10 Your age and overall health…: 30, I make lots of sport (taekwondo, tennis, climbing, hiking) YOUR INJURY COULD BE… Patellar Tendonitis REHAB YOUR INJURY BY… Icing: Use a cold pay for 15 minutes 2 to 3 times per day over the area of pain. Quad Stretch: Stand up, grab your ankle and point your knee gently down to the ground so you feel a stretch down your leg. Hold your stretch for 15 seconds and the release your leg. Repeat this 3 times on each leg. Massage: Gently massage across the muscle fibers in the knee area. You may use lotion to help reduce skin irritation

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  1. You could try stretching your it band, i see in the video that she didn’t mention it at all. Just do a search on youtube, you will find a lot of videos on how to do it properly.

  2. there could be another cause. If you usually sleep on your back, your legs (and knees) and in constant tension because they are straight. You can try to put a pillow beneath your knees so the tendons relax. Also it;s important to have a balance between stretching and power, so if you could do some squats, twice a week that would be great. Depending on the level of pain you are you can go deeper into the squat. If it’s too hard, try the easiest form, squating from a chair.

  3. Before squating you should warm up a bit and stretch, but no static stretching! This is very important, only dinamic stretching. The static stretching is best after the exercises. I hope my english wasn’t that terrible and this helps you :). Good luck

  4. @alinalin0
    Squatting is really bad for my knees if i do only very very easy squats like standing up from a chair without using my hands as backup the pain is worse the next day…

  5. You are in a worst shape than i thought. If squating isn;t an option you can go to a local gym and try Lever Leg Extensions. Move lever forward by extending knees until leg are straight. Return lever to original position by bending knees. The motion must be slow and steady. Be careful not to drop the wait, no sudden movements. Lever Leg Extensions are used to recover from very serious injuries so your knees are safe. They may hurt a little the next day, but it’s normal.

  6. After training you should lie down for about a hour, in order to stop the inflamatory process.
    It never occurred to me to ask how much do you weight and what is your height? If you are overweight and you have to walk/stand a lot during the day your tendons never get that chance to rest and recuperate. Losing only 10 pounds can make a great difference.

  7. eccentric squats are really working for me at the moment i am seeing significent results. dont push just try a few then few days later again ect, u dont need a eccentric board i just put a flat bit of wood one end resting on my foam roller which i also recomend for stretching the leg muscles that helps too, atm i am doing a regime every 4 days of static stretching then foam roller stretching, static squats where u rest on a wall and sit in the squat position, leg raises then eccentric squats

  8. ohh thanx so much! i have been diagnosticated with jumpers knee since 5 month, the pain doesnt stop with medicaments and it scares me, i did this exercices you show in this video and it works!!! im feeling better a will do this all the time i need it and use some ice too, im going to the doctor again a think i need a good rehab with the especialist, thanx so much again for this exercics, at least i dont have this horrible pain for a while… greetings from buenos aires

  9. i would like to thank you also, im going to a physical therapist but i am glad i have some things to do, in the meantime…i would like to know if and when is heat used?

  10. hey i have pain right under my patellar where my shinbone it even a patellar tendon injury? or is it something else?

  11. Is the pain like two inches below your knee cap?….because I have the same pain….It actually hurts to touch it

  12. @5008brandon yea exactly.i have it since december..i started playing bball again way too early so the injury came back.

  13. If you find out what it is let me know…..I dont have insurance and am too broke to go to the doctor….lol…..but I dont want to stop playing bball

  14. i think i got the same thing… it almost feels like the shinbone is not attached… is this how yours feels? i can like stick my finger and feel under the patella… if that makes sence

  15. @jarteaga87 umm..,actually none of them discriptions ur talking about sound familiar to me.

  16. @XxGrandHustle06xX
    I had that as well, here is what i did to get over it. Buy Styrofoam Dixie cups and freeze them. Do some light jogging on a treadmill or play bball, but don’t jump off that leg. I think its this tiny set of muscles around the shin and calf that get aggravated when you try to do too much too soon. After you play, grab a Styrofoam dixie cup out of the freezer. Rip off the bottom and massage that spot and the patella for 15-20 minutes. It will go away. did it hurt going upsairs

  17. @Tambino1 wow thx for the be honest i cant imagine how this could work but im going to try long have u been injured?..and yea it hurts going upstairs.

  18. Wow this actually works. I have an old football injury in my knee and i usually use ice because i thought it was displaced fluid. I tried this and saw immediate results. Thx alot!

  19. i dont have pain when i do normal things, but when im active i have the same pain being suscribed, so can i still keep doing the activities and so this stuff u have providied?

  20. my 13 yr old son is playing baseball and he is just started practice they are doing a lot of running and he is having knee pain i have been using icy hot patches and he has been wearing elastic knee braces since this pain started but i need to know am i doing the right thing and also i have been giving him motrin for the pain please help thanks

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