Should I join a gym knowing I have tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow makes everything hard to do, what are some ways also to help treat it and prevent it. Cheers, 10 points awarded to best answer.

2 thoughts on “Should I join a gym knowing I have tennis elbow?”

  1. Yes you should join a gym. Just make sure you inform them, or even better a personal trainer there of your situation. There is some good "therapy" exercise to prevent tennis elbow and other to reinforce your muscles, ligaments and joints around the area. You will work With light weights and cables.

  2. This is from my own experience, and I am not really sure if it’s the right answer, but it did work for me. I used to have a bit of carpal tunnel in my wrists from typing too much. It wasn’t bad, but enough to cause discomfort. I got rid of it by doing light forearm exercises. I haven’t had a problem since then, but that may or may not work for you.

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