Tendonitis and Exercise

How do I reduce and/or eliminate pain from tendonitis without stopping my workouts?

I have tendonitis (or so my doctor has concluded) in my right lower leg. I am a newly avid runner (three times a week, 2.25 miles or more each plus at least one or two other workouts). I don’t want to stop working out, and I don’t want to permanently seriously injure myself. Any stretches/strengthening/other ideas are GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. I was a track and cross-country runner – had tendonitis and continued to run. As recommended by the Athletic Trainer, I would take ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation, and maybe 30min before working out, I would ice the area, and then do a slow warm up (you dont want to run hard right after icing as the surrounding tissue and muscles are also cold). After working out, I iced again. Eventually, the tendonitis reduced and healed completely.

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