Coritsone Shots – Heal or Pain Relief

Will a cortisone shot (for tennis elbow) actually increase healing or simply provide temporary pain relief?

Been struggling with tennis elbow for 7 weeks. I haven’t touched a racquet in 6 weeks and stopped lifting weights 4 weeks ago. Started taking Aleve twice a day 5 days ago and plan to continue that for total of 14 days then see MD if no better. I was icing it 1-2 times a day for about 2 weeks but stopped after no improvement felt. Any thoughts?

What is the difference between tendonitis and carpal tunnel?

Our family physician just gave my husband splints and told him to take some aleve for his hand problems. His hands and fingers hurt, more so at night, and nothing seems to be helping. We are just trying to figure out what it could be before we see a specialist. What are the major differences between tendonitis and carpal tunnel? Any info. would be helpful!!!