13 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow Exercises”

  1. Great advice. I have serious tennis elbow, and this technique has helped alleviate some of the pressure. I will keep up with the exercise and hope for more relief. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for spending the time to help those of us that want to be conservative with our treatments. I was looking at possibly getting a cortisone shot and I am encouraged by these exercises. Maybe I won’t need the shot.

  3. Thanks I’ll try it. I’ve rested for two weeks, Ice three times a day and still the pain is there when I workout.

  4. Hi my HERO! I’ve tried this too!! and guess what?not only the pain has gone,i’ve gained the my wrist strength too by 30 to 40% !! Thanks again,because of you i have become a better badminton player .

  5. Good idea using the pole, but you seem to have a range of movement in your elbows that I don’t in my tennis elbow. I certainly couldn’t swing the pole down like you do, a little sensitivity please.

    This doesn’t seem to give the full story. If you google “tennis elbow” + exercises you will find a “super 7” set of exercises. I think you only show two of the seven here. Are you planning any more in this series? I think you should as they are very informative for the ones you’ve covered.

  6. I was wondering about the same thing when I found the “super 7” and then found these videos. I have a tennis elbow for 2 years now, and the eccentric exercises I tried only fixed it partially. I’ll try the “super 7” for a month or so and tell about the results.

  7. Although the excercices helped, it seemed it didn’t have tennis elbow in the first place. According to the sports pfysician, the pain is caused by tendons rubbing against each other, which apparently isn’t a problem. I quit the exercises, but I massage my elbows (and lower arms) frequently, which seems to help too.

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