How should I treat my Tennis Elbow?

I have been enduring blunt pain in my elbow for about 2 to 3 months now. I have been told by a professional that I have tennis elbow. Honestly, I am getting sick of not being able to work out or play sports without having to worry about the pain. How long should tennis elbow pain last? and should I do something other than just resting in order to speed up the healing process?

3 thoughts on “How should I treat my Tennis Elbow?”

  1. well u are going to need more then just a brace.. that will keep intact and prevent further injury.. but u have to go to the root of the problem..

    your joints, ligaments, or tendons possibly are sore.. u have to supplment with chrontrotin,glucosome supplment… its called TRIOFLEX u get it at GNC. that repairs all of the above things i mentioned…. u have to stick with it.. its like a multivitamin

    and u should also consider getting massage, or chropractor on the elbow they can workout the kinks and adjust it..


  2. Tennis elbow – and I have had several incidents of this – is best treated with wrist curls. Use 5-8 lbs weight, and do 15 reps 4 times. Don’t overdo it! It helped me – the elbow case was gone in about a week of regular exercises. If you don’t know what a wrist curl is, google.

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