What type of exercise(s) can I do for my tennis elbow to strengthen it?

I’ve had tennis elbow for a month now. If it doesn’t get better the doc is suggesting physical therapy. What can I do at home now to help ease the pain and become stronger in that area?
I am now wearing the band on my forearm.

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  1. Bracing it for a time can sometimes be helpful. I would recommend consulting with the physical therapist as well to see what they say. Let them know that you would like to be able to have exercises that you can do at home instead of coming in several times a week.

    I did this when I had to go to the Physical Therapist for some knee issues in the late 90s.

    As for stretches in the mean time you could try just gentle bending but I would recommend checking with the physical therapist and your doctor to see what they say.

    In the mean time here’s the link to a site that might be of help. It’s at: http://physicaltherapy.about.com

  2. Activity restriction and NSAIDs are recommended pretty much until symptoms have resolved. 3-4 weeks thereafter start with grip strength-compressible grip ball sets of 20 holding 5 secs at a time. Begin low and gradually build up, backing down if symptoms recur. Once grip is optimized work on extensor stretching(hand extended against a wall). Then work on wrist extension(also flexion) with 1-5 lb weights in sets of 12 gradually building up and backing off with symptoms. Heavy lifting, gripping and torquing should continue to be restricted for about 6mths. Your physical therapist can give you a detailed regimen.

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