17 thoughts on “Achilles Tendonitis Tape Job”

  1. i have tendonitis in my Achilles tendon and i was wondering if this tape job will work for gymnastics

  2. The Achilles tendonitis tape job can work for Gymnastics. You would want to use elastic tape for the anchors and then the white or maybe even elastic for the fan. You will have to try it out and see what you prefer.

  3. hi…thanks for posting this video….i have a sir….when do u start putting weight on your injured achilles tendon? i have this injury 3 weeks ago and i’m still scared to put any weight on it….thanks

  4. Hi i have undergone TA surgery will this taping helps me.surgery happened 5 weeks back till now i am not walking.minimum how many days i should not put weight.if i want to put weight wether i should undergo taping.Taping will be generally done by whom i.e physiotherapists or ortho surgeons.

  5. i tore my calf and have damaged my achillies through netball seven weeks ago. im seeing a physio weekly and just in the last week i have returned to jogging. obviously the achilles and calf are still quite weak, so would some form of taping whilst training and eventually playing help? Would Skins be preferable as they offer a wider range of movement or would they not provide sufficient support to prevent a re-tear?

    great vid btw 🙂

  6. She’s pretty hot….as for the tape job, not so hot. The patient is going to hyperextend at the knee in order to make up for the lack of dorsiflexion during gait or running.

  7. Kinesio Tape isn’t always the answer. You have to choose if you want to have it more flexible, so you choose Kinesio Tape, but if it’s for the healing procession better to keep it calm, you have to choose a “stiff tape”.

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