Can tendonitis in the wrists cause numbness or tingling in the hands?

I developed tentonitis in both wrists about a year ago while working as a teamster in a warehouse. It took over a month to heal up, and I have flare-ups on a regular basis because my current job requires me to type all day (I no longer work in the warehouse). I am dealing with the pain as best I can, wearing my custom splints when I don’t have to type, and taking painkillers only when absolutely necessary.

Lately, I’ve been noticing a tingling sensation in my fingers and hands whenever I lean on my elbows, sometimes leading to numbness. Is this from the tendonitis? I have never had this problem before.

I also ride a bike on a regular basis (instead of driving, so I do it a lot) which has caused some pain in my shoulders. I have been told that I need to see a chiropractor, and I plan to. However, I’m wondering what the cause of this tingling is. I cannot pinpoint it to correlating with either the wrist pain or the shoulder pain.

What Can Be Done To Ease The Pain of Tendonitis?

I have developed tendonitis in my thumb, well, the base of it.  Besides splinting it and taking anti-inflammatory meds for it, anything I can do to ease the pain? I developed it from my job which involves quite a bit of repetetive motion. I plan to report it for workman’s comp, but there is no work this week (shutdown, remodeling) so I am on my own for a week.