What Can Be Done To Ease The Pain of Tendonitis?

I have developed tendonitis in my thumb, well, the base of it.  Besides splinting it and taking anti-inflammatory meds for it, anything I can do to ease the pain? I developed it from my job which involves quite a bit of repetetive motion. I plan to report it for workman’s comp, but there is no work this week (shutdown, remodeling) so I am on my own for a week.

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  1. you could ice it and elivate it. and instead of a splint, you could tape it yourself. like using sports medical tape to keep it from moving too much. tendonitious is painful! and compressing it, by using such as an ace paindage will help the pain. also you could try one of those ice/hot menthol things. it helps sometimes. but idk thats what i do. but i have tendonitious in my knees and ankle.

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