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  1. I’ve looked all over youtube for these kinds of exercises, and your video is the best I’ve found…sigh! Thank you!!

  2. I only do the first one, have been doing it for about 2 days every time my fingers get tingly, and it helps a LOT! Already the amount of times my hand goes tingly/numb has reduced (it used to go numb/tingly every time I used it pretty much, including typing or just holding something) and when it does it hurts a lot less than it used to. Thank you!!

  3. Yeah I play Baseball a lot and within the first 10 minutes I start to get elbow joint pains,and other pains shooting up my arm. Does this mean I have tendonitis?

  4. Thanks v much for this vid. I have been typing for many years now and feel I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel. I have got myself a wrist rest to use at the keyboard and will try these exercises. You are right, they are a bit painful at the moment, but am sure they will help. Thanks again x

  5. Great video – this really works for me easing the tingling.

    I’ve just started so in a week or two I will get back with my results.

    Thank You David!

  6. shot bro ive been tryna wurk out but been geting real painful wrists, il start doing some 2day and give your my progress,

  7. i am a typist and i’ve been doing these exercises for about a week now and they have helped a lot with what i think is the beginning of carpal tunnel… i was wondering how long it would take for the pain and discomfort to fully go away after doing these exercises??

  8. wow, seriously, thank you so much. after trying each exercise just once i can already tell these will make a huge difference to my life.
    thank you!!!

  9. Thanks for this great public service. Yesterday my wrist was seriously messed up. I followed your exercises every couple of hours all day, and today I’m way better. I’m thinking a few days of this, I’ll be fine. If you add to this video, could you say how often you do these exercises to prevent trouble in the first place?

  10. Thanks David. The third stretching exercise was very useful. Do u think messaging the wrist area helps vith tendinitis?

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