How to relieve pain from tendonitis in the elbows?

My hubby has really bad pain from tendonitis in his elbow. He takes Advil and puts a arm brace on it. But he is in so much pain and can’t get it relieve at all. Anyone have any suggestions or tips on what to do? Do you know if he is supposed to use hot / or cold?
I know you are supposed to rest it and let it heal, but with his work, he cannot take that time off. He has to work, and he uses it a lot at work. HELP!!! How long til it’ll go away?

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  1. Heat or ice is helpful in relieving tennis elbow pain. Once acute symptoms have subsided, heat treatments are used to increase blood circulation and promote healing. The physician may recommend physical therapy to apply diathermy or ultrasound to the inflamed site. These are two common modalities used to increase the thermal temperature of the tissues in order to address both pain and inflammation. Occasionally, a tennis elbow splint may be useful to help decrease stress on the elbow throughout daily activities. Exercises become very important to improve flexibility to all forearm muscles, and will aid in decreasing muscle and tendon tightness that has been creating excessive pull at the common attachment of the epicondyle. The physician may also prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) to reduce inflammation and pain. Injections of cortisone or anesthetics are often used if physical therapy is ineffective. Cortisone reduces inflammation, and anesthetics temporarily relieve pain. Physicians are cautious regarding excessive number of injections as this has recently been found to weaken the tendon’s integrity. To prevent the recurrence of the injury, a splint may be worn during aggravating activities, or the activities may need to be modified. If the pain persists despite these nonoperative treatments, surgery may be necessary.

  2. I have bad news.. Tendon injuries are a real bitch to get to heal. I have a brace on my wrist right now — a repetitive use injury to my tendons from guitar playing. I go to physical therapy twice a week, take prescription anti-inflamitories, have tried heat, ice, prescription anti-inflammatory cream, massage by the therapist, phono-phoresis (sp?) , but after 6 weeks of this, no real improvement.

    The only thing that seems to help at all is not using the injured tendon. That is hard enough in everyday activities. If your husband must use his elbow at work, that is not good.

    I was told to try heat but it inflammed my tendons even more, so the therapist said no more heat, only ice three times a day.

    Send him to an orthopedic who specializes in the upper extremities.

  3. Ice packs will help, there is no cure. I take Naproxin. All it is is extra strength Motrin. I got it about 5 yrs ago. But you have got to stop doing what causes it or it will get worse. Then you get carpotunnel. That means surgery. There is no job worth that. I wish I quit the job before I did. Let me tell you from experience, there is no job, no matter what it pays, worth it. This stuff really hurts – forever!! Paul

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