Tendonitis and Exercise

How do I reduce and/or eliminate pain from tendonitis without stopping my workouts?

I have tendonitis (or so my doctor has concluded) in my right lower leg. I am a newly avid runner (three times a week, 2.25 miles or more each plus at least one or two other workouts). I don’t want to stop working out, and I don’t want to permanently seriously injure myself. Any stretches/strengthening/other ideas are GREATLY appreciated.

What are some remedies for tennis elbow

I have tennis elbow, I got it from doing shot put since then I quit track, but I am still bodybuilding, and during arm workouts my elbow gives me a lot of pain. I have been icing it but it seems to be getting worse!
What should I do? Go to the doctor?
I can’t stop lifting cause I’m just coming off of a thumb injury that kept me out for 8 weeks!!!

plz help