Tendonitis can be the progressive inflammation, and the most painful

Tendonitis takes long to show up and it is the answer of the body to a fixed pattern of movements which affect the tendon. Up to now, classical electrotherapy had serious problems to treat them. Watch now what technology has provided a therapeutical improvement in the treatment of tendonitis.

4 thoughts on “Tendonitis can be the progressive inflammation, and the most painful”

  1. how long does it take for my shoulder tendonitis to heal? hurts only when throwing a ball overhanded

  2. Yes, the treatment is permanent. Once you have released inflammation, it does not hurt anymore. Some times, a tendonitis in a shoulder or elbow might hide a cervical problem. So you should also consider specific therapy there. You do not have to do it for the rest of your life.

  3. It depends on how chronic your injury is. Normaly, you should need three to five sessions to remove inflammation. In your case, you only experience pain with a specific position, so that tells you that it is not a severe tendonitis. You should count on three to five 20 minute sessions.

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